Visitation program in April

On the occasion of the book launch "The Föhse Collection" the meeting place "Begegnungsstätte Alte Synagoge" invites all formers members from the Jewish families who were born and brought up in Wuppertal, their spouses, children, grandchildren and descendants, also nieces and nephews to visit Wuppertal for a few days in April 2018. The presentation will take place on Thursday, April 12, 2018.

During his lifetime Mr. Ulrich Föhse had raised a great network of contacts to former Jewish Wuppertalians all over the world; some of them he even got the chance to meet in person. After his death in 2012 his archives went in the possession of the meeting place "Begegnungsstätte Alte Synagoge". A selection of these documents are published in this book.

If one of these above-mentioned situations applies to you (or if you are not sure) please feel invited to contact Begegnungsstätte Alte Synagoge.

Dr. Ulrike Schrader: Tel: +49/202/563-2843

Christine Hartung: Tel: +49/202/563-2958